18 Wheeler Accident off I-10 in Henderson

I-10 West in Henderson Back in Operation After 18-Wheeler Accident

Earlier this week, I-10 West was closed at LA 415 after an 18-Wheeler was in an accident on the highway. Thankfully, the accident has now been cleaned up and all lanes have been reopened in Henderson.

Mile Marker 116 in Henderson was the center of a recovery operation with traffic diverted to LA 415 North and then to US 190 West. This diversion of traffic caused congestion to LA 1, an area near Port Allen.

According to State Police, the issue was an 18-wheeler that had overturned on the roadway. The truck was carrying lumber and managed to tip over at the exit for Henderson. The 18-wheeler was the only vehicle involved in the accident. The road had to be closed so that debris could be removed, making the highway safe once again for drivers.