Punitive Damages in Maritime Law Louisiana Attorney

punitive damages in maritime law louisiana attorney

When it comes to a personal injury case, there are two types of damage that a victim can seek: compensatory and punitive. The term compensatory is used to describe damages that are provided based on the medical bills and other losses the injured victim is subjected to. The term punitive refers to damages paid by an individual who is responsible … Read More

Maritime Crane Accident Attorneys Louisiana

maritime crane accident attorney louisiana

Vessels in the maritime industry often carry heavy cargo that must be loaded or unloaded at ports, as well as moved while on the vessel. To move such items, a crane or other heavy lifting equipment is used. With a crane, the machinery must be operated by an individual who has been trained and safety precautions followed. Crane injuries often … Read More

Steps to Take After You’re Injured Offshore

steps to take after being injured offshore

By working in the maritime industry, you know that your job puts you in a dangerous position. Whether you work aboard an oil rig or vessel, there are dangers you must be aware of. Common accidents involving maritime employees include fire and explosions, crane injuries, slips and falls, and more. When you are injured offshore, you must act quickly to … Read More