Employment in the maritime industry is very dangerous. On a daily basis maritime employees must face numerous risks such as slippery surfaces, complicated equipment, extreme weather conditions and often unsafe work environments. These hazards on-the-job can easily lead to an accident for a maritime worker that may result in an injury or can even be fatal. If you are employed in the maritime industry, it’s important to know the type of accidents that may occur.

Types of Maritime Accidents

Barge Accidents

An accident on a barge can result from a slip and fall, equipment failure, gas leak or fire. Barge employees should be protected while on the job and their employer is responsible for their safety.

Commercial Fishing Accidents

Falling overboard, improper deck safety and emergencies onboard makes commercial fishing a hazardous occupation. Injured employees should make sure to consult a maritime lawyer to get the best representation.

Crane Accidents

Cranes are heavily used in the maritime industry on both vessels or piers and docks. Large, bulky pieces of equipment, cranes sometimes malfunction due to lack of maintenance or an inattention to safety putting maritime staff at risk.

Commercial Diving Accidents

Commercial diving is an incredibly dangerous occupation and employees are at a high risk of serious injury or death. Companies must adhere to strict safety precautions and have the right employees on staff to support commercial divers.

Drug Related Accidents

Companies that operate in the maritime industry are supposed to administer drug and alcohol tests on a regular basis, but if the company is lax with their screening, then they are putting employees and staff at risk.

Marine Cargo Accidents

Transferring cargo to a maritime terminal is hard and cumbersome work. If the equipment has deteriorated or human error leads to improper equipment setup, a maritime employee can get hurt.

Oil Platform Accidents

Working on an oil platform poses a lot of risks for an employee. Slip and fall, equipment failure or falling objects can seriously injure a maritime worker which is why they should consult a lawyer if they’ve been in an oil platform accident.

Ship Salvage Accidents

Salvaging a ship is an intricate process that plays an important role in the shipping and maritime industry. Employees that have been hurt on the job may be covered under the Jones Act.

Spud Barge Accidents

A spud barge helps with the oil and gas industry, but if a company improperly maintains or operates the spud, employees can be seriously hurt.

Tugboat Accidents

Pulling vessels and platforms that are unable to self-propel themselves, tugboat employees are extremely important to the maritime industry. Unfortunately, accidents that occur on a tugboat can seriously harm an employee or can even result in death.

The maritime accidents listed above are just some of the hazards encountered by offshore workers and maritime workers throughout the nation.

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