Offshore work is a demanding position. One that can see employees working offshores of Louisiana, Texas and other US states as well as into foreign waters. It is not uncommon for an offshore employee to travel far away to take part in oil production work. Deepwater oil resources have been discovered off Angola that have received attention from oil and gas companies based in the US. Because of the oil discoveries, platform jobs have been created off the coast of Angola, in Cabinda. The United States is actually importing more oil from Angola than from other areas such as Kuwait. At Cueria Law Firm, we are familiar with maritime laws associated with such employment positions. If you are injured during work in Angola foreign waters, we can assist. Our team has the experience to assist with any overseas accident claims and are ready to serve you.

Offshore Work

Dangerous Work in Angola

Oil and gas companies of the United States that have moved into Angola are looking to lower their dependence on Arabian oil. The amount of oil used in the United States from Angola is already at around 10% and should increase over time. Positions of employment are based on deepwater oil rigs, with each position being dangerous. The production platforms and drilling rigs offer several employment opportunities including drilling, rig welder, floorman and rig mechanic jobs, among other positions.

Each of these positions are dangerous no matter if you are working offshore in New Orleans or in the foreign waters of Angola. With our New Orleans personal injury attorneys, you have someone by your side to assist when an injury occurs. Accidents and injuries are not uncommon within the offshore industry and it is important to have legal assistance when needed. With our help, we can review your accident or injury and determine which maritime laws to apply to your case to be able to file for compensation.

Common accidents can include being struck by equipment, burn injuries, body parts caught in equipment with the loss of fingers and possibly limbs. The jobs are quite hazardous, and you want the right legal team behind you when such an accident occurs. When you are working in Angola and experience an injury on the job, let our attorneys work for you. We will help you file a compensation claim, no matter the fact that you were working in foreign waters. Contact our office today to set up a consultation to discuss your case.