Are You at Risk for Suicide After a Brain Injury?

brain injury in New Orleans

Have you been the victim of an accident causing you to have a brain injury in New Orleans?  Each year, thousands of people develop traumatic brain injuries (TBI) due to things like car crashes or slip-and-fall accidents. If you have sustained a TBI due to an accident, then you may need to contact a brain injury attorney to determine what type of compensation you are eligible for.

One of the scariest side effects of having a TBI is the development of suicidal tendencies or thoughts. Below is some information on the link between having a brain injury in New Orleans and being suicidal.

There are Biological Triggers For These Thoughts

A number of studies on TBIs and their long-term effects show injuries to certain parts of the brain can lead to a person becoming more impulsive. Many of the studies performed on traumatic brain injuries focused on veterans returning from combat. The results of these studies found soldiers who had multiple concussions and brain injuries were far more likely to commit suicide.

Another fascinating fact regarding TBIs is that people who suffered mild head injuries were more likely to commit suicide than test subjects with more severe injuries. The reasoning behind this is people with a mild brain injury expect more out of recovery and have a hard time dealing with the limitations their injuries can produce.

How Can TBI Sufferers Be Helped

If you have a loved one who has been the victim of an accident producing a TBI, then you will need to keep your eyes peeled for some warning signs of suicidal tendencies or thoughts. While getting help from a brain injury lawyer can help a TBI sufferer get money for their injury, it will not fix the mental problems they have.

When a person starts to withdraw from family and friends, they may be having some issues with suicidal thoughts. Finding the right help for a person suffering from these thoughts can get them out of their own head and on the road to recovery.

Warning Signs To Look For

Knowing the warning signs of suicidal tendencies can help you save the life of a friend or loved one. Neglecting to act when you notice warning signs can lead to a lifetime of regret should a person take their own life. Some warning signs will require immediate action like:


  • A person talking about harming themselves
  • Searching for ways to commit suicide
  • Repeated attempts to commit suicide

There are countless medical professionals out there who can offer some help to a person dealing with suicidal thoughts. In some cases, the right prescription drugs or counseling are just what a person needs to get back on the right track. Admitting you need help is the first step in overcoming suicidal thoughts or tendencies brought on by a TBI.

Calling a brain injury lawyer after experiencing a TBI can help you get compensation for your injuries. You can contact us for information on how we can help you get the compensation you are owed.