Amazon Delivery Van Accident

Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

What to do if you have been involved in an Amazon Delivery Van Accident? It’s not uncommon for Amazon Delivery Accidents. Amazon has become a global force in the years since it was founded in 1994. Amazon is an online marketplace where any seller can list their products for sale. Having the unique ability to […]

Uber & Lyft New Orleans – What You Need to Know

Lyft New Orleans

Uber & Lyft New Orleans Accident Attorneys Rideshare companies, like Uber & Lyft, represent a fairly recent innovation in the transportation industry; however, they have managed to transform that industry in the various cities in which they have been permitted to operate, and New Orleans is no exception. The rideshare business has boomed since it […]

Truck Accident Facts & Statistics

Trucking accident attorney in New Orleans

Statistics Involving Truck Accidents in the US At Cueria Law Firm, we offer personal injury services for individuals in the state of Louisiana as well as within the entire United States. One area we often see injuries take place involving those involved in a truck accident. The trucking industry is vital to the economy of the […]

Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Accident

Oil and gas companies are the driving force behind the world’s traditional energy production. These companies see success thanks to the hard-working staff and maritime employees that manage their operations. Jones Act Seaman and other maritime workers provide needed work in an oil and gas accident-prone environment. We’ve put together the list below of some common oil and gas […]

Steps After an Accident With an 18 Wheeler

steps after an accident with an 18 wheeler

A well-running car is essential, whether you’re trying to get to work on time or taking the kids to soccer practice. You probably drive a lot during the course of a day without realizing how many hazards you are exposed to while behind the wheel. Being involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler can […]