Negligence is a Common Cause of Brain Injury

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The thrill and excitement of playing football is one of the main reasons this sport is so popular. For many athletes, both amateur and professional, going out on the field and executing is important. There are a number of injuries a player can have over the years. Having a brain injury in New Orleans, like a concussion, is quite common … Read More

Everything You Should Know About Your TBI

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The majority of people are unaware of the scope of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI and how overwhelming it can be. A TBI is a fairly common injury; however, it may be missed during the initial evaluation with a medical team that is focused on saving the person’s life. Before advanced technology and superior medical knowledge were introduced, the … Read More

How Can You Prevent a TBI?

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One of the worst experiences you can have in life is being involved in an accident resulting in a brain injury in New Orleans. There are a number of accidents that can produce traumatic brain injuries. When the TBI you have is caused by the negligence of another person, contacting a brain injury attorney is important. A brain injury lawyer … Read More

Truck Accidents and the Court

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If you are involved in a truck accident, it isn’t enough to just make the claim that the trucking company or the truck driver was at fault. Instead, you have to gather and present plenty of evidence to prove it was these parties that acted in a negligent manner. In many cases, gathering evidence after a trucking accident is much … Read More

Should You Settle Your 18 Wheeler Accident Case?

Driving alongside semi-trucks on a daily basis is commonplace for most motorists. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t put much thought into sharing the roadways with these large trucks. Usually, the only time you will notice these trucks is when you are involved in a collision with them. If this collision is caused by neglect on the other … Read More

Common Causes of 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

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Over the past two decades, there has been a 20% increase in the number of trucking accidents across the United States. While the trucking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, it also presents certain health and safety risks, as well as death and injury for drivers of the trucks and other drivers on the road. When an accident that involves … Read More

Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle in Winter Conditions

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A motorcycle is a great option for anyone in need of a bit of extra adrenaline during their daily commute. However, with the temperatures dropping outside, there will usually be a rise in case of motorcycle injury in New Orleans. If you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis, you will have to figure out how to drive safely during … Read More

Coast Guard Maritime Safety Programs Design to Keep Coastal Workers Safe

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Most people fail to realize just how dangerous it can be to work on a seafaring vessel. When joining the Coast Guard, you will be trained on how to properly handle accidents at sea. There are a variety of other privatized industries out on the sea who do not have the training programs the United States Military can offer. Various … Read More

Are You at Risk for Maritime Related Hearing Loss?

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There are two main types of hearing loss: sensorineural and conductive. Each of these types of hearing loss is characterized by different symptoms and can each be caused by different things. If this hearing loss occurs while working on a ship, oil rig or another vessel, you may have rights according to the Jones Act law. Sensorineural hearing loss is … Read More