The Fatal Repercussion of Distraction

distraction caused fatalities

Distraction and forgetfulness seem to be major issues in today’s society. Distraction is especially dangerous when it comes to driving and cars. People are so busy or obsessed with social media that time and time again, we see stories on our local news where children are actually left in a vehicle, eventually dying due to overheating or hyperthermia. Parents, caregivers, … Read More

Disease Clusters & How They Can Affect You

Disease Clusters New Orleans

The term disease cluster is used by the Centers for Disease Control when discussing a group of people in a small area that experiences adverse health events in a short amount of time. Some years ago, lawmakers were pressured to pass a law that requires such clusters to be made official and documented by medical professionals. What is a Disease … Read More

Did a Tire Blowout Result in an Accident or Injury?

Tire blowouts lead to car accidents

When traveling on the roadway, there are many reasons that an auto collision can occur. From distracted driving to drunk drivers, accidents can occur due to the negligence of others at any time. One risk factor that many do not consider is defective tires. At Cueria Law Firm, we know that tires can be defective and cause accidents. For drivers, … Read More

What Laws Apply to Drowning Cases?

Negligent Drowning Attorneys Louisiana

In the US, the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death is drowning. Unfortunately, around 3,000 deaths take place each year across the nation due to drowning with children ages 1 to 4 being the most affected. When looking at children ages 1 to 14, drowning is considered the second leading cause of death. Parents are protective of their children … Read More

The Dangers of Curbside Bus Companies

New Orleans Bus Accident Attorneys

Buses are a common form of travel these days, be it within the limits of a city or state to state. Interstate bus companies often offer curbside service at a discount, but this discount is provided at the expense of customer safety. When such buses crash, passengers are injured and left with little options when it comes to being compensated … Read More

Hazards of Commercial Diving

Professional diving hazards New Orleans

The commercial diving industry spans far and wide when it comes to employment opportunities. Commercial divers can work in the tourism industry, construction and even gas exploration. Employers of divers will vary but the type of work has common factors; the need to go underwater and the danger involved. With commercial diving, there are serious safety risks involved and the … Read More

What to Do After a Serious Workplace Accident

work related accident new orleans

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident on the job, it can be devastating. At Cueria Law Firm, our New Orleans based injury attorneys specialize in assisting employees who are hurt while working. We hate to hear about such incidents and know that the road ahead can be long. After an accident in the workplace, you may … Read More

Steps to Take After a Car Crash

what to do after an auto accident new orlenas

When a car accident occurs, it can be scary and emotional. The victims can feel disoriented or in pain due to injury. During a car accident, the individuals involved are not thinking clearly. At the Cueria Law Firm, it is our job to protect the rights of car accident victims. It can be difficult to recover from the initial shock … Read More

Why Bus Accident Injuries Are Far Too Common

bus injury attorney new orleans

It is surprising to most people to learn that bus accidents happen all too often, taking place more commonly than you think. Did you know that as many as 15,000 injuries can happen a year involving a collision with a bus? The United States Department of Transportation has reported that bus accidents can cause from 11,000 to 15,000 injuries each … Read More

Back to School Bus Safety in New Orleans

school bus accidents new orleans

When school is back in session in Louisiana, millions of kids leave their homes and head back to the classroom. Most children travel to school via the big yellow buses, often a concern for parents. No matter how experienced a school bus driver is, other drivers on the roadways can cause accidents, placing the children on the buses at risk. … Read More