Two Killed in 18-Wheeler Crash

On Friday, two passengers of a car were killed in a crash with an 18-wheeler carrying a load of cars. The accident, which occurred on I-40 in the Memphis area, resulted in the tractor portion of the truck landing on top of the car carrying a family. Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. represents individuals and the families of individuals whose serious … Read More

BP Oil Spill and The Gulf Coast

As a result of the oil spill disaster, and subsequent sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, Cueria Law Firm of New Orleans intends to represent individuals as well as businesses that have suffered damages. They are, therefore, entitled to receive various kinds of damages to compensate losses due to negligence and/or wantonness and strict liability. Such damages cover past, ongoing and … Read More

Commercial Divers Rights and Maritime Law

The Jones Act provides that any seaman who shall suffer personal injury in a course of this employment may, at his election, maintain an action for damages at law. 46 U.S.C. & 688. Under the Jones Act, a seaman’s employer is responsible for any damages if the employer’s negligence caused the seaman’s injury. Regarding the seaman status, it is well … Read More

Commercial Divers The General Maritime Law and Damages

In addition to the Jones Act, commercial divers are protected by the general maritime law and in particular unseaworthiness. An owner of a vessel has an absolute duty to provide a seaworthy vessel, and a breach of that duty gives rise to a claim for damages. Here, a commercial diver will have to prove that the owner had failed to … Read More

Punitive Damages May Be Available in Jones Act Cases

Under maritime law, injured seamen may have negligence and unseaworthiness claims, but they are also entitled to the right to payment for maintenance, cure and unearned wages. Basically, maintenance and cure is an obligation imposed upon a shipowner to provide for a seaman who becomes ill or injured during his service to the ship. This obligation arises from the employment … Read More