Blunt force trauma attorney in New Orleans

Blunt Force Trauma Attorney New Orleans

At Cueria Law Firm, we deal with all types of personal injury cases. One area of expertise we specialize in is blunt force trauma. Classified as an injury, the trauma one faces can lead to other issues of the body, including fractures, contusions, internal organ damage and other health problems. A blunt force trauma injury is caused by a strong force of impact involving a heavy object to a certain part of the body. In a work environment, blunt force trauma can occur in a variety of ways, including falling from a high position such as scaffolding or being hit by a heavy object while working. Understanding the types of blunt force trauma will help you to determine if our attorneys can help you with your personal injury case.

Types of Injuries from Blunt Force Trauma

In most cases, blunt force trauma takes place in the head region of the body. The injury could be due to a fall at work or by being hit with an object. Construction sites and even mines are common areas of work where blunt force trauma injury to the head takes place. Such an injury can lead to brain injuries, with signs of the injury not visible after the accident takes place. Swelling of the brain or bruising can be the only signs that an injury to the brain has occurred. Loss of brain function can take place when blunt force trauma takes place to the head as the nerve fibers can tear away from the brain as the head is shaken.

With mild cases of blunt force trauma to the head, forgetfulness can occur. When the injury is moderate, epilepsy can be triggered. In a severe case of blunt force trauma, the brain can suffer from long-term injury where rehabilitative therapy is needed.

Blunt Force Trauma – Eye Injuries

Another area where blunt force trauma can take place is within the eyes. The eyes are considered a delicate organ of the body and can be damaged greatly when an individual suffers from blunt force trauma. In this area of the body, the injury will occur in the eye bone or socket. In the beginning, the injury may appear to be like a black eye. However, if the socket of the eye is fractured or broken, more serious medical attention is needed. This can include surgery to remove any bone fragments that may be present due to the injury.

Additional blunt force trauma issues can occur, affecting other parts of the body such as the abdomen. No matter your injury, our attorneys at Cueria Law Firm are ready to help.

Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys have the experience needed to review your case and help you file a claim for compensation if you suffered from blunt force trauma in the workplace. Contact our New Orleans Law Office today to learn more about your legal options.