Offshore Oil Rig Fire New Orleans

At Cueria Law Firm, we represent maritime employees in areas of New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana as well as those employed in foreign waters. The United States oil and gas companies are looking further into the world to find petroleum resources. American rig workers are traveling further from the United States and into areas of the world such as Brazil. Santos is just one area where offshore employment opportunities are popping up. With any offshore employment position, there is a risk involved. You can become hurt on the job and need compensation for your injuries. With Brazil offshore injuries, you will need a knowledgeable maritime accident attorney by your side to handle your personal injury case. Our attorneys are familiar with the Jones Act as well as other maritime laws to assist with your case.

Our team of New Orleans personal injury attorneys handle cases in the state of Louisiana as well as represent maritime workers who are based in other areas, such as Brazil. We can easily assist an American offshore worker who is injured in foreign waters. It is essential to have your case heard by the courts in the United States, where you have the strongest legal rights.

Oil Production Offshore in Brazil

For South America, Brazil has proven to have the second largest amount of oil reserves in the region. Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo basins in the Atlantic Ocean are prime locations for oil reserves. Over the past few years, oil production has continued to increase with top companies such as Shell, BP, and Chevron all operating in the region. Because of these companies moving into Brazil, American workers are traveling as well.

With an increase in oil production in this region, there will, of course, be offshore accidents taking place. In the past, Brazil oil rigs have been subject to fire and vapor leak. A fire can easily lead to burn injuries, where one would need a New Orleans burn injury attorney. Fires and explosions are a serious risk when working on an offshore platform. Workers on such platforms can be easily injured or even killed due to an explosion or fire.

When you have been in an accident that involves an offshore employment injury, your case can be complex due to the location and jurisdiction of maritime law. In Brazil, an accident or injury would entail reviewing the Jones Act or filing a maritime law claim. Such cases are complex and a consult with our Louisiana personal injury attorneys will ensure that you have the right legal counsel in place to see a successful outcome with your case. Contact our office today, to begin with a consultation.