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Fractures and broken bones are common injuries suffered during an impact injury, a fall or traumatic event. An individual who works in a dangerous environment may be at risk of developing such an injury, such as those who work in an industrial setting or offshore. Individuals that have been involved in a car accident can suffer from broken bones. When a bone is broken, the injury is painful and often times debilitating. The location of the break as well as the type of fracture will dictate the pain level as well what type of treatment will be needed. 

Types of Fractures

At Cueria Law Firm, we have assisted many individuals who suffered from broken bones due to a variety of reasons, including car accidents and on the job incidents. It is important to understand the types of fractures that can take place and how they affect the body. Below are a few short examples of fracture types that can occur due to accidents or traumatic events. 

  • Simple Fracture: Bone breaks but not through the skin
  • Compound Fracture: Bone breaks and pushed through the skin
  • Compression Fracture: Break in the spine
  • Displacement/Angulation Fracture: When the broken bone moves from its location to a strange angle, surgery is often needed to repair
  • Complete Fracture: Bone fragments are separated completely
  • Incomplete Fracture: A break where two bone fragments are partially joined
  • Comminuted Fracture: The bone is broken into many pieces
  • Impacted Fracture: The bone fragments have been pushed into each other

Seeking Treatment

When a bone is broken, there are two categories of treatment: open and closed. Open treatment would be a surgery to repair the fracture site. Closed treatment is when a sling or cast is used for the broken bone. When an injury occurs, and a bone is broken, seek medical attention immediately. Once you have been treated, legal assistance can be provided by our team of New Orleans personal injury attorneys if the injury is due to the negligence of someone else. 

Contact our office if you or a loved one have suffered from broken bones due to the actions of someone else. Work injuries, car accidents or other traumatic events caused by someone else that led to your injury can mean that you are due compensation for pain and suffering. Let our team of highly trained attorneys fight for you so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.