Oil rig burn injuries Louisiana

The treatment of burn injuries by medical professionals is referred to burn injury management. In terms of type and severity, burn management plans differ between patients. Typically, medical attention is not needed with first degree burns. In all other degrees of burn injuries, medical professionals should be consulted to ensure sufficient recovery and to minimize scarring, as well as to prevent complications.

Following a Burn Injury

Appropriate steps should be taken immediately following a burn injury in New Orleans. The burn injury should be treated or readied and covered until such time as a medical professional is consulted. A medical professional should treat any burn injuries in the location of the eyes, no matter the severity.

Treatment of First Degree Burns

Approximately 5-10 minutes, run cool water over the location of the burn or place a cool cloth to the location when a first-degree burn occurs. To avoid increased damage, never apply ice to the area. Also, avoid the use of butter, egg whites, oil, or other remedies used at home.

Treatment of Second Degree Burns

To avoid increasing the risk of infection with a second-degree burn injury, be sure blisters are not broken. Leave clothing intact when stuck on the skin. Only medical professionals should remove them. If possible, elevate the burn area above the patient’s heart.

Treatment of Third & Fourth Degree Burns

Emergency medical assistance should be contacted immediately with these types of burns. Burn injury witnesses should ensure the patient’s airways are working. Circulation and breathing should also be checked. Do not remove clothing that is stuck to the patient’s skin. Until help arrives, the location of the burn injury should be loosely protected with a sterile, moist, cool bandage or with a clean cloth.

First Step in Hospitalization

In the case of hospitalization, a patient must be stabilized first. Stabilizing drugs as well as intravenous fluids may be necessary, depending on the amount of fluid the burn injury patient possibly lost because of the injuries. Typically, IV fluids are required as soon as possible when more than 20 percent of the patient’s body is covered by burns.

Skin Grafting

Skin graft surgery may be required for patients where damage is severe. This type of surgery involves transplanting healthy skin removed from another location on the patient’s body onto the location of the burn. Split-thickness skin grafts or full-thickness skin grafts may be used. The epidermis, as well as the dermis, are used for split-thickness skin grafting. Full-thickness skin grafts are used for more serious burns and include transplant of blood supply and muscles.

Help from an Experienced New Orleans Attorney

A burn injury can be a painful and traumatic experience for anyone. If you or someone you care about has suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of another party or entity, a Louisiana burn injury lawyer can help. The skilled and knowledgeable team at Cueria Law Firm helps you receive the compensation needed to move forward after a burn injury. Contact our burn injury attorneys as soon as possible.