Burn Prevention and Your Rights

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Home Fires and Burn Prevention

Each year, about 450,000 Americans need medical treatment for burn injuries, according to the American Burn Association. In the United States, the leading cause of home casualties is due to fires, with home burn injuries accounting for about 85 percent. Almost all injuries and deaths are preventable. Often, factors such as being under the influence of alcohol, or a lack of smoke detectors are what lead to deaths and burn injuries. It is very important to practice safe fire and burn prevention measures.

How Can I Prevent Burn Injuries in the Home?

There are various causes for fires that lead to burns; however, at the root of most of these events is negligence. Essential to safety is being aware of potentially flammable objects and materials as well as taking precautions for burn prevention. Safety measures should be put in place for fire and burn prevention.

Consider the following for burn prevention and prevent fires from happening at home:

  • Never leave incense or candles unattended
  • Never leave cooking food unattended
  • Using properly maintained oven mitts while cooking
  • Never smoke in bed and avoid smoking in the house
  • Keeping curtains and other flammable substances away from heat sources
  • Keep electrical outlets and equipment properly maintained
  • Give space heaters as well as other stand-alone heat sources much space
  • Prevent scalding by setting water heater between 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use
  • Maintain smoke detectors or other fire and burn prevention measures. It is recommended to change the batteries in a smoke detector every six months at a minimum

What If I am a Renter and Have a Fire?​

Renters Rights in a Louisiana Fire

Victims of fires or burns injuries face severe physical and emotional after-effects. They are also left with substantial medical bills and questions about how they are going to pay their expenses. When the injury was sustained due to no fault of their own, it can make the impact even more devastating. As a renter in the state of Louisiana, you have certain rights that protect you if you suffer a burn injury because of the negligent actions of your landlord. The recovery from a severe burn injury is time-consuming and expensive. Make sure you seek the assistance of a skilled burn injury attorney to get the financial compensation you are entitled to after your burn injury. 

The attorneys at Cueria Law Firm understand the complexities of burn injury cases and the frustration that many victims feel when dealing with landlords and insurance companies. You will need dedicated and seasoned burn injury attorneys who will fight for your rights as a tenant that was harmed due to the negligence of a landlord. It is your right to not only recover compensation for your losses, but to hold the guilty party accountable for their carelessness so a similar injury does not happen to another innocent victim. 

What Causes Apartment Fires?

There are many causes of apartment fires in Louisiana. Research has shown that the most common cause of apartment fires and burn injuries in the home is cooking. Frying food or leaving cooking food unattended can cause devastating kitchen fires that could lead to extensive property damage, injury, and even death. Other common causes of apartment fires include space heaters, smoking, and candles. 

Landlords have specific responsibilities for burn prevention to keep their tenants safe from fire risks; however, not every landlord takes this responsibility seriously. If a fire in the apartment home results in property damage, injury, or death, the landlord can be held liable for the damages if they acted with negligence. 

Apartment fires that result from the negligence of a landlord may be caused by: 

  • Defective smoke detectors or the absence of smoke detectors
  • Defective fire extinguishers or the lack of fire extinguishers   
  • Faulty wiring 
  • Blocked exits 
  • Defective water heaters 
  • Poorly maintained dryer units 
  • Defective or poorly maintained appliances 
  • Poorly kept grounds 
  • Smoking 

The Responsibilities of Landlords

It is a landlord’s responsibility to provide tenants with a safe and adequately maintained rental unit that complies with state and local regulations and health codes. If they neglect this duty, landlords can be held liable for the damages that result from a fire. Although requirements for landlords vary from state to state, at a minimum, a landlord must install working smoke detectors and provide access to working fire extinguishers. 

If you feel that you are not living in a safe and properly maintained apartment unit, contact your landlord right away with your concerns. Keep documentation of your requests to your landlord and the maintenance issues that are of concern. If the landlord takes no action, file a report with the appropriate authorities right away. Being proactive and documenting the negligence of the landlord will help you in the unfortunate event that a serious fire or burn injury occurs. 

Damages That Renters May Be Able to Recover 

In order to have a valid claim against a landlord, the renter must prove that the landlord acted with negligence and that the negligent actions were the direct cause of the damages that the renter sustained. If a renter was injured in an apartment fire due to the negligence of the landlord, renters might be able to recover damages, some of which include: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and recovery 
  • Loss of future wages
  • Pain and suffering  

If you were the victim of a severe burn injury, and you believe that your injury was due to the negligence of your landlord, contact the Louisiana burn injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm today. Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys has a proven track record of success in helping burn injury victims get the compensation and the peace of mind they need after a debilitating burn injury.

Call Cueria Law Firm for your consultation with one of our burn injury experts. 

What If My Child Suffered A Burn Injury?

Children are naturally curious and sometimes that curiosity can lead to injury such as a burn. Burns are the fifth most common cause of non-fatal injury in children according to the World Health Organization. While there are many potential causes of burn injury in children, there are also many precautions that caregivers can take to help prevent such an injury. If your child has suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of someone else, you should contact an experienced attorney to help you determine if you have a case against them. Severe burn injuries often require lengthy and expensive treatment. The attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have helped many families get the compensation they need to provide the proper care for their injured child.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Children

Most burn injuries in children occur in or around the home. For older children who are still under the age of 18, many burn injuries happen in the workplace. In fact, over 300 children under the age of 18 are treated in a hospital for burn injuries every day in the United States. 

Younger children are most susceptible to burn injuries due to their natural curiosity as well as their lack of experience and motor skills. Around the home, children can sustain burn injuries from many sources. 

Some of the sources of childhood burn injury in Louisiana include: 

  • Sunburn 
  • Electrical outlets
  • Frayed electrical cords
  • Scalding from hot bath water
  • Scalding from hot cooking water or beverages
  • Hot devices like space heaters, clothes irons, curling irons
  • Eating foods that are too hot
  • Chemical burns from unattended cleaning products
  • Grills or outdoor fire pits
  • Lighted Christmas trees 
  • Fireworks 
  • Crawfish boils 

Tips for Childhood Burn Injury Prevention 

While children cannot always be protected from injuries, there are many things that parents, schools, businesses, and other caretakers can do to help prevent burn injuries. If your child has been burned, it is essential to seek medical attention to avoid scarring or infection immediately. 

The scars from burns can have severe and lasting side effects that can impact the way your child moves or functions in the future. A medical professional will be able to apply the most appropriate treatment for the specific type of burn injury that the child has sustained. 

Although children may sustain a serious burn injury in many different ways, there are some common sources that caretakers should be aware of when living, working, or in close contact with children. 

Prevention of Burn Injuries in Children

Children are involved in many burn deaths and injuries. Parents, as well as caregivers, must be particularly attentive to ensure children stay away from circumstances in which a child may cause fires or burns. Teaching children what causes fires or burns can be tremendously helpful in the prevention of burn injuries. Learning and practicing a safety plan in the event of a fire can help save a child’s life.

Consider the following to prevent children from causing burn injuries or fires:

  • Keep electrical appliances away from children
  • Keep lighters, matches, and candles away from children
  • Keep hazardous chemicals out of the reach of children
  • Opt for stoves and appliances with burn prevention features
  • Turn pot handles in on the stove and keep hot liquids away from a child’s reach

Some precautions that you can take to help prevent these common burn injuries include: 

Scalds from Hot Water

Scalding injuries from hot water are one of the most common sources of burn injury in children. Children may come into contact with hot water in several places in the home. 

Bath or sink water may be too hot for a child’s delicate skin. Even when it feels acceptable for an adult, the water may still be too hot for a child. However, it is still recommended that an adult test the water before placing a child in a bath. Adults can set the water heater to a temperature of less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit so they can be confident that the water will never get too hot for a child. 

Hot water scalding is also a potential hazard in the kitchen. It is recommended that adults keep all hot liquids set back on counter tops or tables so they are not within reach of a child. Do not put hot liquids on a table that is covered in a tablecloth. A curious child may decide to pull the tablecloth resulting in a spill. Adults should face all pot and pan handles away from the front of the stove so they are not readily accessible to a child. Never leave hot cooking devices unattended.  


Children often spend much of their time playing outside in Louisiana. Overexposure to UV rays can cause long-term damage to a child’s sensitive skin. The sun’s UV rays are most damaging during the summer months and during the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

Adults should discourage outside activities in the summer during the times when the sun is the strongest. Children should always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and it should regularly be reapplied throughout the day. Lastly, children should wear hats with wide brims and other protective clothing when outdoors. 

Burns are very serious injuries that could cause permanent health damage to a child. Treatment and rehabilitation after a burn injury is a long and expensive process that many families cannot afford. If there is another party at fault for the burn injury that your child sustained, contact the burn injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm in New Orleans. Our team has assisted families all across the state who are dealing with a severe burn injury to a child. Do not go through it alone.

Contact us today to see if we can help you get the compensation your family needs and deserves. 


Burn Injury Rehabilitation in Children

When a child suffers a traumatic burn injury, it is a devastating event in the life of the child and the family. Burns can have serious, long-term physical and emotional effects on the victim. A childhood trauma like a burn injury can have a lasting impact on the health and psychological well-being of the child as they move into adulthood. 

If a child in your life has sustained a burn injury, they will require intensive treatment and rehabilitation. How will you pay for treatment? Will you lose your job because you need to take care of your child who suffered a burn injury? There will be many questions that caretakers must face during this trying time. If the injury was the fault of another person or entity, you should contact attorneys who have experience handling burn injury cases in the state of Louisiana. 

The burn injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm want to help you and your family determine if you have a case against another party so that your injured child will have the financial resources required for their burn injury rehabilitation. Contact our team today to find out how you should proceed during this challenging time. 

Childhood Burn Injuries in Louisiana 

There are many common causes of burn injuries in children under the age of 18. Most of these injuries in children occur in or around the home. For older children who are under the age of 18, many burn injuries happen in the workplace. In fact, approximately 250,000 children under the age of 18 are burned every year in the United States. 

Some of the most frequent sources of burn injuries in children include: 

  • Scalding from hot food or beverages
  • Scalding from hot bath or sink water
  • Contact with hot household appliances
  • Fireworks 
  • Gasoline 
  • Cigarettes or matches 

Types of Childhood Burn Injury Rehabilitation 

Burn rehabilitation in children can be a very intense, expensive process for both the patient and their family. Most rehabilitation programs for burn injuries in children focus on the immediate treatment of the burn and the long-term well-being of the child. In addition to the physical scarring and disfigurement, childhood burn victims face unique emotional consequences related to their body image and personality development. A team of medical professionals and specialists will help the child recover both physically and mentally after a severe burn injury.  

Occupational and Physical Therapy 

A severe burn injury will require extensive medical care immediately after the incident. A child may be bedridden for an extended period resulting in overall muscle weakness and lack of fitness. Scars and contractures can cause a decrease in the range of motion and the use of the impacted body part. Physical and occupational therapists will have a massive role in helping the injured child regain the strength, dexterity, and range of motion that they once enjoyed. 

A physical therapist will help the child regain or maximize movement and functional ability after the injury. A physical therapist will work with children who suffered a burn injury using a variety of stretches, exercises, and massage techniques to increase the range of motion and sooth pain. 

The child will most likely work with an occupational therapist to regain the abilities and skills the child had before the injury. The occupational therapist will work with the child to relearn daily living skills. The goal of this therapy is to ensure that there is no further delay in reaching the child’s developmental milestones. 

Psychological Treatment 

A burn injury is a traumatic event for everyone involved. Not only does the injury have the potential to seriously disfigure the body, but it can also negatively impact the victim’s ability to participate in life the way they did before the accident. This type of trauma can leave lasting emotional scars as well as physical scars. For children who suffer from a burn injury, the impact can be even more significant. 

In addition to physical and occupational therapy, the child should receive help in dealing with the emotional effects of the injury. Childhood and adolescence are developmental stages in which people are figuring out their identities and personalities. It is also a time when many young people might struggle with body image issues. A disfiguring injury like a severe burn can complicate this process even more for a child. 

Rehabilitation after a burn injury will be lengthy and challenging for the child burn victim and the family. It is essential that all involved get the support they need from the various medical professionals that will be a part of the rehabilitation process. Families will also need the assistance of a caring and professional burn injury attorney to help them wade through the many legal options after a burn injury. 

Contact the attorneys at Cueria Law Firm today to learn how our team might be able to help you get the fair compensation you and your child deserve.

We’ve worked with many Louisiana families just like yours to fight for what you need to get through this difficult time.

Let us help you just like we helped them. 

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