Each year, about 450,000 Americans need medical treatment for burn injuries according to the American Burn Association. In the United States, the leading cause of home casualties is burned injuries and fires, with home burn injuries accounting for about 85 percent of these burn injuries. Almost all injuries and deaths are preventable, with such factors as an influence of alcohol and lack of smoke detectors in much of these cases of deaths and burn injuries.

Prevention of Home Burn Injury

Various causes are at work fires and burns, however, at the root of most of these events is negligence. Essential to safety is to be aware of potentially flammable objects and materials as well as taking action to prevent ignition. Also, safety measures should be put in place to help prevent burns and fires.

Consider the following to prevent burn injuries and fires from happening at home:

  • Never leave incense or candles unattended
  • Never leave cooking food unattended
  • Utilizing properly maintained oven mitts while cooking
  • Never smoke in bed and avoid smoking in the house
  • Keeping curtains and other flammable substances away from heat sources
  • Keep electrical outlets and equipment properly maintained
  • Give space heaters as well as other stand-alone heat sources much space
  • Prevent scalding by setting water heater between 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

Maintain smoke detectors or other fire prevention measures

Prevention of Burn Injury in Children

Children are involved in many burn deaths and injuries. Parents, as well as caregivers, must be particularly attentive to ensure children stay away from circumstances in which a child may cause fires or burns. Teaching children what may cause fires or burns can be tremendously helpful in the prevention of burn injuries. Learning and practicing a safety plan in the event of a fire can be helpful in saving a child’s life.

Consider the following to prevent children from causing burn injuries or fires:

  • Keep electrical appliances away from children
  • Keep lighters, matches, and candles away from children
  • Keep hazardous chemicals out of the reach of children
  • Opt for stoves and appliances with burn prevention features
  • Turn pot handles in on stove and keep hot liquids away from a child’s reach

Prevention of Burn Injury at Job Sites

The workplace is a location where many fires and burn injuries occur. Safety measures should be in place at every workplace where an employee might be susceptible to burn injuries or fire in the case of a burn injury or fire. To ensure employers obey these safety measures, codes and regulations are in place. However, it is up to employees and managers to make sure safety measures are followed through on a daily basis and risks and prevention procedures are understood by all employees. Fire control systems should be properly maintained and first aid should be made available for any minor burns.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of a fire or burn injury in New Orleans, it is crucial to understand your legal rights. Cases such as these can be complex, make sure you have an experienced Louisiana burn injury attorney like Cueria Law Firm by your side.

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