Allstate Corp.

Dealing with an unruly insurance company after a car accident can add more stress for anyone. Even if an accident is not your fault, having an insurance company cover all medical expenses incurred can be a battle. Thankfully, Allstate offers their customers numerous online features to help make the claim process simpler. Founded in the year 1931, Allstate is one of the leaders in American car insurance companies.

Visit or call 1-800-ALLSTATE when you are ready to file an insurance claim with Allstate. Additionally, Allstate can be reached via Twitter at @allstatecares. Furthermore, Allstate provides customers with a mailing address for auto claims: Allstate Insurance Company, P.O. Box 660636, Dallas, TX 75266. To assist you with maintaining information about your claim, Allstate provides customers with an insurance claim worksheet.

Once a claim has been filed for your vehicle, an inspection will be scheduled to evaluate the damage. Depending on where you are located, Allstate may request you visit one of their local service centers, visit a mechanic in their network, or an insurance investigator may be sent to your location. No matter where you choose, you have the option of choosing where the vehicle is repaired. Depending upon insurance policy, Allstate offers towing and rental car service as well.

Based on their investigation and your report, Allstate will evaluate fault to determine your claim’s value. If Allstate determines you are the at-fault driver, you may still be covered, depending on your insurance policy. If they determine you were not-at-fault, your deductible will be recovered by the at-fault party by Allstate. If any additional damage is found after repairs have been made, inform Allstate and additional repairs may be authorized if the determined damage was due to the accident.

It is crucial to understand special and general damages and how Allstate calculates them to secure an acceptable insurance settlement. General damages are easily calculated and include such items as medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle damage. However, special damages are more complex to calculate and include such items as pain and suffering. To determine your special damages, a multiplier may be applied to your general damages based on injuries sustained, crash severity, circumstances of the crash, recovery time, as well as other factors.

Several insurance companies, including Allstate, utilize a software program known as Colossus to determine your insurance settlement. Information is entered into Colossus about your car accident by an insurance adjuster. The program then recommends a range for your settlement. This software program is heavily relied upon by Allstate insurance adjusters. Once an amount is calculated for your settlement by Colossus, Allstate can adjust the recommendation which often times is a reduced offer for settlement.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident, a skilled New Orleans personal injury lawyer can help you determine your rights and assess your potential insurance settlement. A car wreck is stressful enough; consider assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney to find your way around the recovery process. If you suffered physically and/or mentally, were incapable of working, a personal injury lawyer may be of help.


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