car insurance companies in new orleans

Possibly, your choice for an insurance company was based on a memorable jingle which made a promise that they would stay by your side if even in an auto accident. Each month, your premiums were made faithfully, and now, the unimaginable happened. A car accident occurred due to a careless driver, and the damage to the business vehicle and medical expenses are left with you. Now, you believe the insurance provider for the at-fault driver or your own auto insurance provider will come through on their promise and cover all expenses related to the car crash. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Despite the numerous commercials for insurance companies we are overwhelmed with, which promise they are like a respectable neighbor, a good friend, or how we are placed in good hands, the goal of every insurance company is the same – gain large profits. If these goals are accomplished at your expense, then oh well. To ensure you are treated fairly by an insurance company, it is recommended you have a skillful Louisiana lawyer by your side. A knowledgeable attorney understands your rights and cares about your best interest and will fight hard on your behalf against the insurance company.

Brief History of American International Group

Originating as a Chinese insurance company, named American Asiatic Underwriters, Cornelius Vander Starr, a United States businessman began an insurance company in 1919. After many acquisitions and the opening of offices worldwide, the name became the American International Group and provides numerous insurance coverage for individuals, family, and businesses.

Commercial auto claims can be made and managed 24/7 at the American International Group website.

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If you or an employee has suffered an accident due to another person’s careless behavior, knowing your rights is critical. Have a Louisiana accident lawyer by your side ensures your rights and interest are protected.

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