car insurance companies in new orleans

You purchase commercial auto insurance to protect yourself and your company should an accident occur. If you experience an accident, the auto insurance carrier should eagerly pay your claim as fast as possible. Each year, thousands of legitimate claims are filed by consumers with their commercial insurance provider. Unfortunately, an insurance company does not always make sure their obligations are met. Payments on legitimate claims can be wrongfully delayed, reduced, or denied. The majority of times, it is unclear to an insured what the insurance providers obligation really is. Commercial auto insurance policies can be complex to the inexperienced eye.

Complex Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Many business owners are unsure what exactly is covered in their commercial auto policy. This is mainly due to the insurance policy confusion, so the policyholders will maintain their reliance on an insurance company’s conclusions. The wording inside much of an insurance policy, in addition to the sizable amount of fine print, can be puzzling to the average policyholder. Insurance company “language” is regularly manipulated by the provider as an attempt to deny a legitimate claim.

AmTrust Financial Services Brief History

AmTrust Financial Services was founded in 1998 by brothers Michael Karfunkel and George Karfunkel and a home-office in New York City. They serve 70 countries with over 7,000 employees and are a top commercial insurer in the United States as well as a leading global provider.

Claims can be submitted on their website or toll-free 888-239-3909.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

Insurance providers have teams of attorneys and lawyers who work continuously to lessen the exposure to claims for the company. Insurance providers do not earn profits by paying claims, but by collecting premiums. A team of attorneys is available to assist and protect an insurance company.

You need an attorney with the expertise to assist and protect you as well. Let Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., be that attorney. In your commercial auto insurance claim has been reduced, delayed, or denied, contact us today.