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When you decided on an auto insurance company, you likely assumed it would be there to protect you if you were involved in an auto wreck. You assumed your insurance provider would pay for your medical expenses, vehicle damage, and, basically, follow through with promises they made. Nevertheless, how many auto insurance commercials promised they were on your side or they were your friend? So many insurance consumers are surprised and shocked when these promises never come through. Mostly, insurance providers do not put customers before their best interests, they put their bottom line first.

Every month, your insurance company gladly takes money from you with their premiums, but they may not be glad to pay up after a car wreck. If you need to deal with an insurance company who wants to avoid payment or settle for much less than what your insurance claim is worth, you should speak with an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney. While your best interests might not be first to your insurance company, a Louisiana personal injury lawyer will fight for you and ensure your rights are protected.

Brief History for GoAuto Insurance Co.

A Louisiana based insurance company, GoAuto is headquartered in Baton Rouge. With a focus on reducing operating costs, it specializes in low-cost auto insurance. GoAuto has many online resource tools available, such as report a claim, make a payment and request a quote. If submitting a claim online, enter the needed information and expect a call from an insurance agent to move forward.

Dealing with An Insurance Company

Most importantly, please remember insurance companies are just like other businesses and have the main goal that is making profits. To make profits, they charge customers a substantial amount of money each month for auto, life, and home insurance, while hoping they will not be used ever. If and when their customers need them, insurance companies might use everything they can to either lessen your settlement or straight out deny the claim in its entirety. These goals are accomplished by using insurance adjusters whose main job is to direct your case in a way that results in low payouts. Following an accident, when contacted by an insurance adjuster, keep this in mind:

  • Answer question only when asked, in a simple, short manner. Never volunteer any additional information.
  • Never make up any answered when unsure how to answer. Tell them you do not remember or you do not know.
  • Never state you are at fault even if you believe you are partially responsible. Even the words “I’m sorry,” can be misinterpreted as stating you are at fault.
  • Never mention pre-existing injuries or conditions. These injuries or conditions have no bearing on your current case and can give an insurance company an additional reason to try and deny your case.
  • Never allow an insurance agent to record your conversation. There is no requirement of having your conversations recorded.
  • Never sign anything before speaking with a personal injury attorney.

How Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. Can Help You Following an Accident

Dealing with the numerous aspects related to an auto accident can be complex without help. Cueria Law Firm is committed to assisting you through this rough time. We understand how frustrating it can be when trying to get a fair settlement, that you may be unable to work at this time, and your medical expenses continue to grow. Ensure your rights are protected and speak with our experienced lawyer today.

For more information regarding your personal injury claim, call or email us today.