car insurance companies in Louisiana

Like much of us, you certainly believed that if the time ever came and you were involved in an accident, your commercial insurance company would protect you. You anticipated that all expenses related to your accident would be covered by the insurance company. After all, that is what insurance promises us.

An insurance company is glad to take the consumers money each month in premiums, but in the event, a claim needs to be paid, they may no longer be glad. If you are dealing with a commercial insurance provider who believes your claim is worth less than what it should be, or who has been dodging payment, the wisest decision you can make is to speak with a New Orleans accident attorney. A lawyer put your best interests first, and will stands by your side from the start, unlike many insurance companies.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corp.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corp. is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was found in the year 1991. They serve businesses throughout the state by way of agents. They are a nonprofit mutual insurance company and are providers of workers’ compensation insurance products.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corp. offers many options to report a claim, all of which are listed on their website.

Commercial insurance providers are a business who has a primary goal of making profits, just as other businesses. This goal is achieved by charging a substantial amount of money to consumers for insurance products in the hopes they never use it. When the times comes and you do actually use it, some insurance companies attempt to reduce your settlement or straight out deny it.

Following an accident, you may be unable to work and have medical expenses piling up, but you are unsure of where to turn for help. An experienced accident attorney knows how to help in your fight against an insurance company. Do not delay, call or Email Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. today for a consultation.