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Several businesses use and own vehicles, such as trucks used for deliveries and smaller cars for day to day operations. To be legally driven, company vehicles must be insured, the same as other cars and trucks on the road. After an auto accident with a company vehicle, they contact their commercial insurance provider expecting financial support. Many times, unfortunately, an insurance company will deny claims for frivolous or unfair reasons to their profits. The best chance to receive the compensation you deserve is by having an experienced Lousiana auto insurance attorney to fight for your rights.

Businesses must acquire commercial auto insurance coverage for vehicles that are used to complete company tasks. This type of coverage can be purchased for cover a single vehicle or an entire fleet depending on the particular business’s needs. Furthermore, even companies who do not own an actual vehicle, but rent vehicles or utilizes a vehicle owned by an employee, must have commercial auto insurance coverage. Commercial policies are often more expensive than personal policies due to the greater liability that a business is exposed to.

About State Farm

State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. is a mutual company which is owned by their policyholders and is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. Since the year 1942, they have been the number one insurer for auto insurance in the country. About one out of five automobiles are insured by State Farm in the United States. They employ more than 65,000 individuals throughout the country and has a network of approximately 16,700 agents. State Farm offers insurance products to all fifty states.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Business Following an Accident

An experienced attorney, such as Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., can be helpful in numerous ways following an accident. It is important that you understand your rights and that they are protected. A knowledgeable New Orleans lawyer will fight for you.

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