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Perhaps you selected your auto insurance provider based on an advertisement which promised you that they would be there in your corner if ever in an auto accident. Month after month, you paid your premiums, then the unbelievable happened, a careless driver caused a wreck and now the medical expenses are piling high, your vehicle is left damaged, and may possibly be unable to work due to your severe injuries. At this time, you may have confidence with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company, and believe they will cover all expenses related to the crash. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Despite the numerous insurance companies we are flooded with, promising us they are our friend, a good neighbor, you are in good hands, the truth is actually each insurance company has a common goal of a strong bottom line, against your best interests or not. The greatest way to ensure an insurance provider handles you fairly is hiring an experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyer who would stand by your side throughout the entire process. A lawyer actually looks out for your best interest and works hard for you to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

USAA Insurance Group

USAA Insurance Group serves a unique market; they provide services to United States military members and their families. Founded in the year 1922, they began as United States Army Automobile Association before changing their name to USAA Insurance Group two years later and offering their products to other branches of the military as well. They are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and have offices in Germany and England also.

For close to a century, USAA Insurance Group offered auto insurance products to their clients. Policies include the same as other large insurance providers such as liability, collision, and liability

What Happens When Your Friend Has an Accident While Driving Your Car

You may have questioned what happens if you loan your vehicle to a friend, and they are involved in an accident. You will file under the collision coverage with your insurance, most likely, and pay your deductible if you both have car insurance. Under the majority of insurance policies, your vehicle is covered if you are the driver, another licensed driver which you gave permission to drive your vehicle, so long as they received your specific consent to use your car. However, if your friend’s car wreck resulted in substantial injuries to others; assets you own, including your home, can be awarded by a court of law to pay for damages to injured parties.

Your friend’s insurance can be considered a secondary if your liability limits are not enough to cover damages, or the insurance companies might share costs related to the accident. You may be liable to property and medical expenses if your friend does not have insurance. Your assets may be attached if your insurance is inadequate.

Assistance Following an Auto Accident

If you or your loved one has experienced substantial injuries due to another drivers’ negligence, comprehending your rights is crucial. Having an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney by your side can ensure your rights as well as future, will be properly protected. Cueria Law Firm understands how hard it can be injured, watching medical expenses rise, and possibly unable to work. Your best interests will always be put first!

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