Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Accident

Oil and gas companies are the driving force behind the world’s traditional energy production. These companies see success thanks to the hard-working staff and maritime employees that manage their operations. Jones Act Seaman and other maritime workers provide needed work in an oil and gas accident-prone environment. We’ve put together the list below of some common oil and gas […]

Do I Need A Louisiana Jones Act Lawyer For Maritime Law?

Louisiana Jones Act Lawyer

At Cueria Law Firm, our Louisiana Jones Act lawyer has vast experience in handling cases involving maritime injuries. When it comes to working in the maritime industry, the employment positions come with a high-risk of injury or death. Large equipment and heavy loads are dealt with on a large vessel which can be dangerous within […]

What Makes A Vessel Unseaworthy?


Various parts of Maritime law deal with issues regarding making a vessel seaworthy. Under these laws, the owners of sea vessels have to abide by a variety of regulations to ensure their boats are safe for their employees. If you are a victim of a vessel accident at sea due to a vessel being unsafe, then […]

Maritime Piracy Lawyer

maritime piracy

When thinking of the high seas in olden times, pirates often come to mind. While many believe that piracy is something of a legend, it is still a problem today. Modern-day piracy attacks are a common occurrence, involving robbery and sometimes violence. Seamen can quickly sustain offshore injuries when a piracy attack occurs, even becoming […]

Maritime Explosion and Burn Injuries

oil rig accident attorney

Burns are considered one of the most common household injuries. However, they are also one of the most common offshore injuries. Seamen, oil rig workers, and other offshore employees work with scalding hot liquids, oil, gas, flammable chemicals, and electrical equipment on a daily basis. As a result, they have to face the real possibility […]