Working in the maritime industry can be dangerous. Employment positions are not for the faint of heart and it is not uncommon for our attorneys at the Cueria Law Firm to assist individuals who have suffered a maritime injury. From burn injuries to shipping accidents and more, we have the experience and legal knowledge to help you seek compensation. No two maritime cases are the same, so it is important to work with a personal injury attorney that focuses on each case, being an advocate for your individual case.  No matter the type of offshore accident you have experienced, we will work hard to protect your legal rights.

Cell Phone and Wireless Device Use

Because of the recent technological advances in wireless device technology, including cell phone devices, ship owners, and operators have been recommended by the Coast Guard to follow property safety protocols when using such devices when operating a vessel. Cell phone or wireless device use can be a distraction to the operator which can lead to an offshore accident. Operators can easily have an accident when navigating, which can lead to accidents involving crew members.

Crew members are also supposed to follow the safe use of mobile devices, taking care to avoid use when loading or unloading cargo as well completing other activities while onboard the ship. Distraction by crew members or the operator of the ship can lead to accidents involving negligence which means you might have a case for compensation.

Tug Boat and Barge Accidents

Seamen who work on barges or tugboats are vulnerable to accidents. On such vessels, employees can easily trip and fall or experience an accident involving towlines and winches. Accidents commonly occur when crew members are moving from a barge to a tugboat. At Cueria Law Firm, our New Orleans attorneys have experience in such accidents. The state of Louisiana has a coastal region that provides offshore employment. We have handled several offshore cases involving accidents, including burn injury, vessels, and more. Federal maritime regulations and the Jones Act are understood by our Louisiana attorneys and used to build a successful case based on your maritime injury.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a maritime injury, we are here for you. Contact our law office today to schedule a consultation so that we can review your injury and help you file a claim for compensation.