Closed Head Injuries in New Orleans

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At Cueria Law Firm, we represent victims of traumatic brain injuries. A brain injury can take place due to a high fall at work or due to being struck in the head by a heavy object. It is important to seek medical attention immediately after a head injury so that you can ensure that your brain was not damaged. A common injury found with head trauma is closed head injuries. The skull is not open in any way, but the head is still injured and must be treated accordingly. Learning more about closed head injuries can help you to stay safe when such an injury occurs. 

Can a Closed Head Injury Result in Traumatic Brain Injury?

A closed head injury takes place when blunt force trauma is experienced on the head, but there is no splitting of the skull. The skull is not penetrated but the head is still affected due to the force of the blow. In a work setting, an employee can fall from scaffolding, be struck by debris or materials or be caused by an equipment collapse. Whatever the case may be, a blow to the head should be examined by a medical professional, whether the skull was penetrated or not. 

With a closed head injury, there may be damage inside the skull that is unseen to the eye. An intracranial hemorrhage is a blood clot or bleeding inside the skull due to damage to the brain. This cannot be seen visibly after a head injury. A medical professional will need to evaluate the inside of your skull to determine if any hemorrhaging is taking place. 

Another issue from head trauma is a concussion. With a concussion, you may be temporarily unaware of your surroundings, feel disoriented or confused as well as experience memory loss. This will also need to be evaluated by a medical professional. 

Once you have been reviewed by a medical professional, treatment may be needed. The type of treatment prescribed will be dependent on the severity of the injury. Major head trauma can result in loss of brain functions and therapy needed to regain speech or mobility. If this is the case, treatment will be costly and last for several months, perhaps years. 

If you or a loved one have experienced head trauma at the hands of another party that was negligent in their behavior or actions, give us a call today. Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys are ready to serve you. Let our attorneys review your case and come up with a plan of action to ensure that you receive just compensation for your injuries. 

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