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Have you been injured in a New Orleans Drunk Driving Accident?

In the state of Louisiana, the blood alcohol of an individual driving a motor vehicle must not exceed the legal limit of 0.08%. A person driving in Louisiana, who is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol above 0.08% limit will be considered a drunk driver. The individual will face criminal penalties as they are a risk to others with the potential to cause personal injury or wrongful death while driving. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for motor vehicle accidents to take place in New Orleans involving drunk drivers. A drunk driving wreck is taken seriously by law enforcement officers and by attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases. An individual who is the victim of a drunk driving accident deserves compensation based on state law.

Louisiana Drunk Driving Accidents

What makes drunk driving accidents so unfortunate is that they are preventable. Individuals who are responsible for accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol will most likely be arrested for a Driving Under the Influence charge. The drunk driver is liable both criminally and civilly. A conviction of a DUI does not necessarily provide a benefit to the victim. However, victims of a DUI accident in Louisiana can take additional legal action against the perpetrator by working with a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans.

Louisiana DUI Victims Deserve Compensation

Compensation due to DUI victims is typically substantially more significant than other car accident cases.  Exemplary or punitive damages may be due based on state law and the legalities of your situation.

Have you been injured in an automobile accident where a drunk driver was involved?

If so, speak to an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney today. You need to understand your legal rights so you can determine if you have a case and can take action against the negligent drunk driver. Contact our office in New Orleans today to request a consultation to discuss the aspects of your accident and see if you have a case.