Everything You Should Know About Your TBI

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The majority of people are unaware of the scope of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI and how overwhelming it can be. A TBI is a fairly common injury; however, it may be missed during the initial evaluation with a medical team that is focused on saving the person’s life. Before advanced technology and superior medical knowledge were introduced, the death rate related to TBIs was shockingly high. Even though the medical technology has increased quite a bit, the effects of TBIs are still significant.

The fact is, if a person suffers a TBI, the best thing they can do is to contact a brain injury attorney for help. A lawyer can evaluate the situation and determine if someone can be held liable for the injuries you have suffered.

Types of TBIs

A TBI can be classified into two basic categories – severe or mild. Learning about each one can help a person understand the impact they may have.

Mild Brain Injuries

A brain injury in New Orleans is classified as mild if the victim suffered a loss of consciousness or suffers from disorientation and confusion for a period of less than 30 minutes. While most doctors are going to order a CAT scan and MRI when a brain injury is suspected, the person suffering the injury typically has cognitive issues such as frustration, mood swings, attention deficits, memory problems, issues thinking and headaches, which can be easily overlooked. Even though this is referred to as a “mild” brain injury, the effect on the person or their family can be devastating. A brain injury lawyer can help the victim and family members better understand the rights they have to recover compensation in these cases.

Severe Brain Injuries

This type of brain injury occurs when a person loses consciousness for a period longer than 30 minutes and when memory loss after the penetrating skull injury lasts for more than 24 hours. Some of the deficits that may occur with this type of injury includes impairment of higher cognitive functions to a complete comatose state. If a person does survive this injury, they may have limited function in their legs or arms, the inability to think, talk or communicate and emotional issues.

For many people who suffer a severe brain injury in New Orleans, constant and ongoing care is required. This can create a financial burden for their family, which is why the services of a brain injury attorney should be sought. They can ensure the victim or their family receives the monetary compensation they deserve for the injuries suffered.

Long Term Effects of a TBI

The effects of a brain injury in New Orleans are often profound. Those who have suffered a severe injury may be left in long-term, unresponsive states. For quite a few people with severe TBIs long-term rehabilitation is necessary, which not only affects the victim, but their entire family, as well.

If you, or someone you love has suffered a TBI, then it is best to contact an attorney to learn more. You can contact us to ensure your rights are protected.