Fatigue to Blame for Maritime Casualties

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Working at sea can take a toll on your body. The hours and effort put into keeping a vessel seaworthy and operational are vast. When first starting to work on a sea faring vessel, you will have to work hard to get your body acclimated to this new environment. Injuries sustained on a boat due to fatigue are covered under Maritime law. Working with attorneys who are familiar with the Jones Act law is the best way to find out if you are owed compensation for your fatigue related injuries. Below is some information regarding fatigue and how it can create very dangerous situations.

How Can Fatigue Be Prevented?

The amount of hours worked on any given shift on a boat is directly related to the decisions made by the management in place. If workers are not getting the proper amount of rest on a seafaring vessel, then according to Maritime law, the fault lies with the owners of the boat and management. This form of negligence can be grounds for a lawsuit if you are harmed on a vessel due to a lack of rest. Fatigue can cause a variety of problems and can impair your judgment to the point where it leads to you making costly mistakes.

Fatigue Can Lead to a Breakdown in Communication

A vital part of working on a ship is being able to communicate with other employees. A lot of different factors have to come together in order for the work on a boat to get done in a safe and efficient manner. Being fatigued can make it very hard for you to properly communicate with others, which can cause mistakes to be made. Being deprived of sleep is prohibited in the Jones Act law, which means accidents directly related to fatigue can be pursued in a court of law.

Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Heavy Equipment Accidents

The deck of most vessels are filled with heavy equipment like overhead cranes. When operating one of these pieces of heavy equipment, you will need to be alert in order to avoid accidents. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel worn down and out of it.

Fatigue can lead to you making a variety of mistakes while operating the heavy equipment on the vessel you work on. The injuries sustained from heavy equipment accidents can prohibit you from working. Getting compensation from a fatigue related accident is only possible when using an experienced Jones Act lawyer.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Failing to get enough sleep can also lead to you being more accident prone. Having a slip and fall accident on the deck of a ship can cause a lot of damage to your body. Seeking out compensation for the injuries caused by a fatigue-induced slip and fall accident is important and a lot easier when seeking out advice from a legal professional.

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