Find a Doctor After a Work Injury

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It is not uncommon to be injured on the job, often times in a severe manner, and your insurance company provides a doctor. You visit the doctor and unfortunately, the doctor does not seem to understand what is wrong, is not listening to your concerns, understanding your pains and not prescribing you the medications you need. You may be feeling pressured to go back to work before you are ready. So, what do you do? At Cueria Law Firm, we see this happen time and time again. It is important to know how to find a doctor that is knowledgeable in the area of your work injury that can help you feel better.

If this happens, consider contacting our law office in New Orleans, Louisiana. We can help you find a doctor that will address your individual needs. You cannot get better unless you see a specialist who has the experience and knowledge of your work injury, helping you to get better quicker. A specialist can also be helpful if you choose to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Legal Right to Choose Your Physician in Louisiana

As the victim of a work injury, you have a legal right to see any doctor you choose for your medical needs. If you are like most injured workers in Louisiana, you will need to see a specialist. A general practitioner will not have the skill-set to handle your injuries. In most cases, the injured individual does not know how to find a reputable specialist to assist.

When searching for doctors, you want to find one close by, associated with your particular work-related injury and accepting new patients. You will also want to find a physician who can provide clear written testimony on your behalf. The physician will need to be able to speak to your case articulately and provide information on your diagnosis and condition.

At Cueria Law Firm, we can help. We have experience in work-related injuries and can provide assistance in finding the right medical professional for your injury needs. The physicians we recommend will be able to provide testimony when needed, helping you to see a better outcome when it comes to your compensation case. Our personal injury attorneys work with specialists in several medical fields, helping injured individuals find the right professional for their medical needs.

If you or a loved one have been injured on the job, let our experienced work injury attorneys in New Orleans find the right medical professionals to assist in your care and fight for your right to compensation.