Friction Burns Put Motorcyclists at Risk

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Motorcyclists have quite a bit to worry about while on the road. While their primary concern is remaining safe, it is also important to understand some of the most common injuries that can occur. One of these is a friction burn.

A friction burn often occurs as part of bigger accidents. It can take place at home, while you are at work or while you are on your motorcycle. They can be just as serious and in some cases, more serious, than other burns. In some situations, these injuries can cause third-degree burns that require months (or more) of intensive surgery, treatment and healing.

One of the biggest issues with friction burns is they can occur in any situation where movement is involved. As a result, they are the most ubiquitous type of burn you can receive. If you suffer this injury, regardless of if it was during a motorcycle accident, or something else, contacting a personal injury attorney in New Orleans is smart. You may deserve financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

What Types of Friction Burns can You Receive?

Friction burns can result from a number of situations. However, they are divided into two distinct groups. One occurs when a person is moving quickly and then meets a static object, such as the ground, in a motorcycle accident. The other category of friction burns occurs when a person comes in contact with something that is moving rapidly, such as a treadmill or belt sander. Each type of friction burn can result in the person suffering a devastating personal injury in New Orleans.

What are the Dangers of Motorcycle Related Friction Burns?

In most cases, the severity of a friction burn related to a motorcycle accident depends on how fast the rider was traveling. The faster their bike is going at the time of impact, the more severe the burn is going to be. In fact, there are some cases where a rider has slid so far and so quickly across the asphalt after an accident that all the skin is pulled away, leaving their bone exposed.

However, even mild friction burns can cause quite a bit of pain and suffering. If a motorcyclist experiences this type of personal injury in New Orleans, it is imperative to contact an attorney right away. A New Orleans personal injury lawyer can determine who was at fault and if the injured party is entitled to monetary compensation.

Prevention and Safety

The absolute best way to prevent a friction burn is to remain aware of the surroundings and to wear proper safety gear. For motorcyclists, this includes covering their body with protective clothing and wearing a helmet.

Friction burns can cause quite a bit of pain and suffering. If you, or someone you love, has suffered this injury, contact a personal injury attorney in New Orleans to learn what rights you have. If you need representation, you can contact us and we can begin building your case to file a lawsuit.