Gulf Coast Cargo Ship Accident Attorney

The maritime industry plays a major role in the shipping of goods and cargo around the world. Transporting cargo both domestically and internationally from port to port, employees of cargo vessels face numerous hazards due to the equipment they work alongside.

Types of Cargo Ship Accidents

Ensuring cargo makes it to port, loading and unloading shipments at each destination and handling cargo of all types including hazardous materials, seamen that work on cargo vessels have an important occupation. Unfortunately, maritime employees on a cargo ship are at risk of accidents that can occur on all types of vessels, such as slip and fall, falling objects, equipment malfunctions and more. Since cargo ships travel through international waters, they face even more dangerous situations such as maritime piracy from criminals that are in pursuit of the valuable goods they are carrying. These types of incidents could result in serious injury and even death for cargo ship seamen.

Maritime employees that have been injured in an accident are covered under the Jones Act. Employers are required to take care of their injured employees and provide them benefits under maritime law. With accidents come long recovery periods, expensive medical bills, and the potential for a loss of wages due to missed work. If you were injured due to an accident on a cargo vessel, you should make sure you get the best representation you deserve by hiring a maritime lawyer.

The attorneys at Cueria Law Firm will make sure you and your family get the compensation they deserve. Using their decades of experience and expertise, our maritime lawyers will determine what exactly led to your cargo ship accident and if there was negligence involved. Get the best representation available and let the Cueria Law Firm attorneys take your case to court.

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