Commercial Diving Team Accidents

For commercial diving operations to run successfully, maritime companies should ensure they have the right employees on staff to guarantee diver safety. With the right commercial diving workforce, maritime companies will see overall safer, more efficient and productive dives.

Commercial Diving Team

The following jobs and the roles that the commercial diving team fulfills are very valuable to commercial diving operations:

Diving Supervisor

The diving supervisor is responsible for health and safety of the entire commercial diving operation. Managing commercial diving procedures from a central location, the diving supervisor also handles any emergencies that arise from accidents and injuries related to the dive.

ROV Supervisor

The ROV (remotely operated vehicle) supervisor plays a similar role to the diving supervisor in the fact that they are responsible for the health and safety of the ROV team. The ROV supervisor also manages ROV operations to ensure they’re run efficiently with strict attention to procedure.


Performing tasks on the surface and underwater, a commercial diver helps the maritime industry by accomplishing construction and maintenance on vessels and platforms. Commercial divers must be of 18 years or older and are required to pass a diving physical before employment.

ROV Pilot / Technician

The ROV Pilot or Technician controls the remotely operated vehicle, performing tasks as assigned by the ROV Supervisor.

Standby Diver

The Standby Diver is a commercial diver’s rescue support. They are a professional diver that is ready to assist a commercial diver that’s been injured or is in trouble.


The tender assists the commercial diver with their equipment as well as getting outfitted for the dive. They are responsible for making sure the equipment is in operating order and for reporting any issues that may result in dangers during the dive.

Life Support Technician

The life support technician maintains the correct environment for a commercial diver to have a successful dive. Managing a diver’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels as well as the diver’s temperature, humidity and the internal pressure, the life support technician ensures that the commercial diver is sufficiently supported.

Commercial Diving Accident

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