Gulf Coast Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney

Commercial fishing is a part of the maritime industry that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and plays an essential role in the provision of fish and seafood to the Gulf Coast.  Since commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the US, with a fatality rate 39 times higher than the national average according to the CDC, commercial fishing companies should see their worker’s safety as a priority.

Commercial Fishing Accidents

Accidents in the commercial fishing industry can result from a variety of incidents such as vessel disasters, improper deck safety or a fisherman falling overboard. Vessel disasters and falling overboard are the leading cause of death for fishermen nationwide, while improper deck safety is the leading cause of non-fatal injuries while aboard. A company should pay careful attention to safety precautions during operations by providing vessel disaster emergency training as well as keeping employees aware of hazards on deck.

These types of commercial fishing accidents, many which are found to have been preventable, may cause serious injuries for a fisherman and can even result in death. Without the proper safety precautions in place, companies that operate in the commercial fishing industry are putting their employee’s lives at risk due to their negligence. Even further, companies that do not adhere to recommended safety regulations are at fault.

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