Gulf Coast Crane Accident Attorney

Working in the Gulf of Mexico in the shipping and offshore industry can be dangerous. With the possibility of accidents on a daily basis, it’s important for companies to ensure safety for their workers. Operating cranes and working alongside them, riggers are even more at risk on a day-to-day basis of maritime injuries.

Crane Accidents

Crane operations must adhere to important safety regulations as crane accidents can result in a major injury or even the death for a maritime employee. Crane failure can be a result of a variety of issues, including out-of-date maintenance, incorrect installation, lack of support, precaution and more. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crane accident, it is important to speak to a maritime lawyer. Whether onboard a vessel, a rig, or a dock, a maritime worker could receive a multitude of injuries from a crane accident, such as a brain, head and back or spine injury. Having a maritime attorney as your expert in the field will ensure you and your family receive the help that they need.

Companies that operate in the maritime industry should be held accountable for their employee’s safety. A Jones Act lawyer will make sure that companies that have operated negligently take responsibility for their actions.

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