New Orleans Deck Accident Attorney

Working aboard a vessel or ship is a dangerous occupation. Accidents can occur easily especially if operations are not taking into account important safety precautions. While working on deck, there are many incidents that can occur as a result of a slippery deck, machinery failure, chemical exposure or even human error. Deck accidents can cause serious injury for a seaman including back and spine trauma, slip and fall accidents, broken bones and even death. This is why it is extremely important for a company to make maritime worker safety a major priority of operations.

Deck Accidents

Without proper deck safety, daily operations can be incredibly dangerous to maritime employees. Slip and fall accidents happen often onboard a vessel as decks can become slippery due to weather or rough seas. Falling objects have also been found to be a major risk for seamen and can result in serious injury. Chemical exposure, electrical accidents and even deck fires are also hazards maritime workers may face. With all of these potential accident possibilities, it’s important for a company operating in the Gulf of Mexico to ensure their employees are safe and that the right precautions are put in place.

Many accidents that occur onboard a vessel could have been prevented if companies paid more attention to maritime safety. When a company is found to have been negligent, it’s important to get the right representation to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

New Orleans-based Cueria Law Firm has the experience and expertise to take your maritime accident case to court. Our dedicated Jones Act attorneys will analyze all the factors that led to your accident and will be able to determine who exactly was at fault. Don’t let you and your family suffer due to a company’s mistake. Cueria’s maritime lawyers will make sure a negligent company is held accountable.

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