New Orleans Diving Support Vessel Accident Attorney

In the offshore industry, there is a major need for commercial divers. They play an important role in inspecting and performing maintenance on oil rigs and/or platforms. To perform these tasks accurately, though, they need a diving support vessel and team.

Diving Support Vessel Accidents

A diving support vessel plays an important role in commercial diving operations. Supervising a diver and their activities, handling necessary equipment and being on call for support, commercial diving has a serious need for the diving support vessel and their team. These vessels also run intricate machinery and have to have accurate dynamic positioning, staying in one position without drifting from the dive site, to ensure a commercial diver’s safety and success.

Accidents can happen on any vessel, including one that’s supporting commercial diver operations. Deck accidents, such as injuries related to a slip or fall, can easily occur while handling diver support. Injuries that result can include brain and neck injuries, a hurt back or spine, broken bones and even the death of a maritime worker. What’s important is that many of these diving support vessel accidents could have easily been prevented if a company has paid attention to important safety precautions.

Make sure you have the right representation when dealing with diving support vessel accidents. If your company was at fault, you and your loved ones should not have to handle the repercussions alone. A maritime lawyer has the right knowledge and expertise to hold your company accountable for their negligence.

The maritime lawyers at Cueria Law Firm are here to help. Using their years of experience in maritime law, our maritime attorneys will analyze your diving support vessel accident to determine if negligence played a part. You and your family can be reassured that you have the right maritime law expertise to help get the compensation you deserve.

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