Gulf Coast Dredge Accident Attorney

Not all bodies of water are made equal. For a large ship to be able to travel through rivers, inlets and shallow coastal waters, the maritime industry relies on dredges. Excavating sediment, dredges clear out waterways to make them more navigable for large vessels. While dredges play an important role in the maritime industry, dredge operations can be dangerous for seamen and workers can be at risk of serious accidents.

Dredge Accidents

Dredging operations create a more navigable channel by removing sediment. Maintaining these channels ensure that large vessels are able to continue regular operations without hindrance.  While dredging is a necessary part of the maritime industry, those that work alongside dredges can be at risk. Dredge operations are dangerous due to the fact that machinery can be heavy and difficult to work with. Even further, if machinery malfunctions, maritime employees are even more at risk of serious injury including crushed bones, loss of limbs or even death.

If you’ve been the victim of a dredge accident, it’s important to make sure you and your family are taken care of. Unfortunately, dredge accidents do happen and many of them could have been preventable if a company operated with safety in mind. While maritime workers who have been injured are covered under the Jones Act, you should make sure you are correctly represented when seeking damages.

The lawyers at Cueria Law Firm have been representing maritime employees for over twenty years. Our dedicated maritime lawyers are able to determine exactly what went wrong on a vessel and who is directly responsible for accidents that occur. Don’t let your negligent company get away with irresponsible operations. Attorneys from the Cueria Law Firm will make sure you’re accurately represented when bringing your case to court.

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