New Orleans Drill Rig Accident Attorney

The oil industry that operates in the Gulf of Mexico heavily relies on drill rigs to fulfill their oil production. Drill rig employees and offshore workers’ occupations encompass intricate tasks that involve a lot of hard work. These daily operations, while important, pose dangers to maritime employees that aren’t typical and these risks can result in serious injury.

Drill Rig Accident

In 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and sank, leaving eleven employees missing and presumed dead while causing the largest oil spill the Gulf Coast has ever seen. While this is an extreme example of the dangers that maritime employees employed on a drill rig may face, it’s still a good one. Drill rigs are dangerous places to work and accidents occur often. Injuries, whether minor or major, can cause serious harm to a maritime employee and their family resulting in long recovery time, expensive medical bills and unfortunately, even death.

The resulting injuries from a drill rig accident can cause major issues for a maritime employee. While accidents can occur due to a multitude of issues, many incidents of injury could have been prevented if the company responsible had taken the correct safety precautions. A negligent company should not be able to get away with putting their employees lives at risk, which is why it is important to consult a maritime accident lawyer for help.

Let the Cueria Law Firm use their years of dedicated maritime experience to bring your drill rig accident case to court. Our maritime lawyer has the knowledge to analyze and determine what exactly led to your accident and who should be held accountable for you injuries. Working in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast area for over twenty years, the Cueria Law Firm will help you pursue Jones Act benefits that are your right as a maritime employee and help you and your family recover.

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