New Orleans Drydock Accident Attorney


Drydocks play an important role in the maritime industry and how companies handle ship repairs. By using a drydock, companies are able to easily load their vessel into a place where repairs can be performed. A maritime employee will work within a drydock to perform the appropriate ship maintenance, but by doing so are at risk of injury and/or death if the drydock malfunctions.

Drydock Accidents

Drydock technology dates back hundreds of years. A drydock is a dock that can either be flooded with water or drained to offer vessels an easy way to be fixed. When a ship needs maintenance, it can float into the flooded dock. Once inside, the dock will then drain to allow the ship to rest on a platform and maritime workers the ability to access the parts that need repair.

Injuries that occur in a drydock accident are usually related to a drydock’s gate failure. If a drydock is not properly maintained, a gate may break and flood at the incorrect time. If a maritime employee is located in the drydock when a gate fails, they can be seriously injured.

If your company is not properly maintaining their drydock and its mechanisms, then they are putting you and your coworkers’ lives at risk. Hold your company accountable for their negligent operations and hire a maritime lawyer.

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