New Orleans Dysbarism Injury Attorney

Working underwater to handle important industrial construction, commercial divers play an important role in the maritime industry. Unfortunately, the occupation comes with a lot of risks. One of those dangers is dysbarism, a health hazard and serious danger that professional commercial divers may face.

What is Dysbarism?

Dysbarism is a result of rapid pressure changes and can cause adverse side effects in commercial divers. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that these effects include gas narcosis, gas toxicities, pain, decompression sickness, and dysbaric osteonecrosis.

Gas narcosis and gas toxicities are a result of hyperbaric conditions, with narcosis caused by nitrogen dissolving into nervous tissue and toxicities caused by extended oxygen and carbon dioxide brain or lung exposure. Symptoms of these issues can result in a slowing of reflexes, drowsiness, confusion and other side effects.

Pain, decompression sickness and dysbaric osteonecrosis are a result of rapid pressure changes. Divers may experience serious pain in their digestive tract, sinuses, teeth, middle ear, and lungs from the expansion or contraction of trapped gas. While decompression sickness, the most well-known version of all dysbarism, can result in pain in your muscles and joints, as well as neurological symptoms or coughing and shortness of breath. Dysbaric osteonecrosis, on the other hand, results in bone lesions and can be a chronic condition for divers.

Commercial divers that are affected by dysbarism should get the help that they deserve. Receiving important medical attention is key to a diver’s recovery. A company that employs commercial divers should also be sure that they are operating in the safest way possible. If you think your company put you at risk of health hazards due to negligent operations, you should be sure to hold them accountable.

The maritime lawyers at Cueria Law Firm will give you the best representation possible. If you didn’t receive the correct medical attention after being affected by dysbarism, then your company is responsible for your current health issues. By working with the Cueria team, you’ll get the maritime knowledge that you need. Using their decades of experience in maritime law, our lawyers will take care of the complicated process of bringing your case to court.

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