New Orleans Engine Room Accident Attorney


The engine room is the heart of a vessel. Powering the ship and its operations, the engine room contains vital machinery that must be properly maintained. Maritime employees that work in the engine room play an important role on the vessel but are unfortunately at risk of accident and injury, especially if a fire breaks out.

Engine Room Accidents

A fire on a ship can be extremely detrimental. This is why vessels should have fire safety precautions in place in case a fire is started. Since the engine room is the place on board where a fire can easily break out, a company should make sure their engine room employees are properly trained on fire safety and firefighting onboard a ship. With the right fire suppressants in place, a maritime worker should not have to handle the dangerous situation of a fire onboard. But if a ship’s fire suppressant mechanisms fail, then employees are at risk of injury or even death.

There is a lot of complicated machinery in an engine room. From machinery that helps operate the ship to safety systems in place for when things go wrong, it’s important for a company to make sure all equipment is in working order. If the equipment in an engine room is not properly maintained, incidents can happen that can lead to serious injury for seamen. Maritime employees that have been injured in an engine room accident should get the help they need for their recovery. A maritime worker’s primary focus when injured should be recovering, and not about issues such as expensive medical bills or loss of wages due to missed work. This is why it’s important to find a maritime lawyer that can help.

The Jones Act attorneys at Cueria Law firm have decades of expertise in maritime law. Our maritime lawyers will be able to correctly analyze your case to determine who was at fault and hold them accountable for your injuries. If your company was negligent in their operations, you should make sure to hold them responsible. Let the Cueria Law Firm attorneys take your case to court and get you the benefits that you deserve as a maritime employee.

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