Gulf Coast Gangway and Boarding Accident Attorney

Working aboard a vessel in the maritime industry often poses a lot of risks. While dangers can come in many forms, one that many would not expect to be very hazardous is the vessel boarding process on the gangway. Maritime workers, whether embarking or disembarking, should have a safe place to board their employer’s vessel. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and negligence is often why gangway related boarding accidents can occur resulting in severe injuries.

Gangway and Boarding Accidents

Safety is incredibly important on a vessel, especially when it comes to the boarding process. Improper handling of equipment, a change in waterway’s current, lack of safety precautions, or an unsecured gangway can lead to serious injury and can even result in death for passengers or maritime workers. A maritime company must provide its employees a safe workplace, and those that do not are negligent. Seamen or maritime employees that have been hurt in a gangway accident face a lot of repercussions including long recovery periods, expensive medical bills and potential loss of wages due to missed work. Don’t let you and your family suffer because of a company’s irresponsible operating practices. New Orleans-based Cueria Law Firm is here to help. Our maritime lawyers can determine who was responsible for the incident that led to your injury and will make sure you receive the Jones Act benefits that you deserve. Don’t take on your employer or their insurance company alone. The Cueria Law Firm National attorneys have over twenty years of maritime experience and can use their expertise to your advantage. Let our maritime lawyer make sure you and your family are assisted in the best way possible by taking your case to court.