New Orleans Maritime Terminal Accident Attorney

Marine terminal procedures are complicated due to the fact that there are a variety of processes being handled simultaneously. Cargo shipping operations, which include the loading and unloading of vessels, can keep a marine terminal and its workers very busy.  Unfortunately, this fast-paced environment can lead to distractions and hazards which are the reasons that marine terminal employment can be dangerous.

What is a Maritime Terminal?

Marine terminals are constantly bustling with activity. Ensuring that cargo shipments are handled properly and that they reach their appropriate destination, marine terminal operations play an important role in the cargo shipping industry. Marine terminal activities are intricate and without the proper safety precautions, can lead to an accident or serious injury for its employees.

Maritime Terminal Safety

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that there are a lot of factors that could contribute to marine terminal traffic accidents. If a company is not properly maintaining their equipment, operating their vehicles safely, providing adequate training, or overworking their employees, accidents can easily occur. Marine terminals themselves may also have factors that lead to injury. If there isn’t sufficient traffic signage or lighting, or if surfaces become slippery due to inclement weather, a marine terminal employee can become injured. Human error also leads to accidents when there are unexpected obstacles placed in traffic lanes, incorrectly parked vehicles, lack of communication, or when a driver becomes distracted.

If you’ve been injured due to an accident at a marine terminal, it’s important to speak to a maritime lawyer for help. A company that runs unsafe operations should not be able to get away with putting its employees at risk. If you and your family have had to deal with unexpected medical bills and other accident-related costs, you should get the compensation you deserve.

Cueria Law Firm has the expertise in maritime litigation that you need when taking your case to court. Our maritime lawyer will investigate your maritime terminal accident to see what exactly went wrong, what led to your injury, and who exactly is at fault. Maritime law is complicated, so let our expert maritime attorney handle the intricate process for you.