New Orleans Offshore Construction Accident Attorney

With approximately 118 oil rigs occupying the Gulf of Mexico, it’s clear that offshore construction plays an important role in the maritime industry. Whether working on a wind farm, oil or energy platform, maritime employees are essential to the construction process.

Injuries from Offshore Construction

Offshore platforms are not only large in size, but also weigh up to 14,000 tons. Therefore, handling the logistics of large structure installation is an intricate and dangerous process. If a maritime employee falls from the platform, is hit by a falling object or is injured due to malfunctioning equipment, they can be seriously hurt and even be at risk of a fatal accident.

Additionally, it is extremely important for an offshore company to maintain their structures. If they don’t, they’re risking the lives of their employees. On the other hand, the employees who perform maintenance on these structures are also at risk because any mistake they make may cause serious damage and can even be fatal. This is why it is important for companies to provide the correct training and supervision for these tasks.

Safety and taking the right precautions should be every offshore company’s main priority. Unfortunately, for some, it is not. Don’t let your employer get away with operational negligence. If you were injured in an offshore construction accident, it’s important to consult a maritime lawyer.

The maritime lawyer at Cueria Law Firm can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Using their decades of maritime law expertise, the Cueria admiralty attorneys will be able to determine what exactly went wrong and hold your company accountable. Use the Jones Act to your advantage and take your negligent employer to court. Our New Orleans  maritime attorneys will make sure you and your family are sufficiently taken care of.