New Orleans Platform Supply Vessel Accident Attorney

For the maritime offshore platform industry to operate efficiently, they heavily rely on platform supply vessels (PSV). Bringing needed supplies, employees, cargo and equipment to the platform, a PSV is the reason the offshore industry is able to function successfully.

Hazards on Platform Supply Vessels

Platform supply vessels have the same hazards as all maritime industry ships. Employees can be at risk of injury due to deck accidents that may result in a slip and fall, equipment malfunctions, fire or even explosions. The duties that PSV employees perform are crucial to offshore platform personnel operations; therefore, companies that manage platform supply vessels should keep safety as a number one priority.

An platform supply accident can result in a serious injury to a seaman. Maritime employees who have been injured on a PSV should consult a maritime lawyer to make sure their rights are not being violated.

Maritime workers who have been injured on the job are covered under the Jones Act. An injured maritime employee is guaranteed certain benefits to help them with their recovery. But sometimes, those benefits are just not enough. A serious injury on a platform supply vessel can result in a long recovery period, expensive medical bills and other hassles. Make sure you’re justly compensated for your injury. With help from a maritime attorney, you’ll be able to determine what exactly went wrong and who is at fault.

Let the admiralty attorneys at Cueria Law firm help you and your family recover from this accident. Our lawyers will use their successful maritime experience to give you the best representation possible. If your company was negligent, you should hold them accountable for their poorly managed operations. The Cueria Law firm attorneys and their maritime law knowledge will make sure you are prepared for when you take your case to court.