New Orleans Rigging Accident Attorney

Maritime employees who work alongside cranes and derricks for vessel or shipyard loading and unloading should always keep safety in mind. This is because of the many hazards that maritime employees face when working around a vessel’s rigging and equipment. Setting up the right safety precautions and making sure that all employees have the right training should be a maritime company’s priority to reduce the risk of rigging accidents and injuries.

Rigging Accidents

Riggers and maritime workers can be at risk of accident or injury when there is rigging equipment failure or when a load is improperly rigged. If a load or the rigging equipment is unsecured, maritime workers may be crushed by the load or hurt by equipment. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that all loads must be safely rigged prior to a lift to avoid the potential hazards that lead to employee injury.

Another major danger to riggers is the potential for an accidental fall or the potential for an electrical shock if the equipment comes into contact with energized lines. Maritime companies should make sure they have the proper safety precautions, such as guard rails, put in place.

A lot of rigging accidents that have occurred in relation to a vessel or shipyard’s rigging could have been prevented by either keeping safety a priority or providing employees with the right training. A company that disregards these important safety measures is at fault for the accidents that occur. Don’t let your company get away with poor operational procedure. If you’ve been hurt in a rigging accident and you think your company is responsible, consult a maritime lawyer for help.

The Cueria Law Firm’s New Orleans maritime attorneys have decades of experience fighting for injured maritime workers. Investigating your accident to see where exactly there was a failure in operations, our dedicated maritime lawyers will make sure you are able to fully recover from your injury by getting you the benefits you deserve. If you believe your accident occurred due to your company’s negligence, let the Cueria law team take your case to court!