New Orleans Ship Salvage Accident Attorney

A ship that has run aground or has sunken completely is a detriment to the maritime industry. This is why the industry runs salvage operations, to both recover goods and property, to make channels more navigable, or in an effort to prevent pollution. To perform the recovery process, maritime companies employ salvors, seamen and engineers that specialize in vessel recovery operations.

Ship Salvage Accidents

Salvors and their specialized expertise are incredibly important to ship salvage projects. Ship recovery can be handled in a variety of ways. Whether the vessel is patched and refloated or tugged to shore for repairs or to be used as scrap, these complicated and intricate processes are very dangerous for salvors and their crews. Operating around a shipwreck is a dangerous occupation and even when working with safety in mind, accidents can happen.

Salvors who have been injured on the job have the opportunity to pursue compensation under maritime law. If operations were poorly managed, or there were unnecessary hazards that led to your accident, your company could be at fault. Since salvaging vessels is perilous, it is important for maritime companies to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Seek the right representation for your Jones Act case by hiring a maritime lawyer and be reassured you have the right expertise to take your case to court.

Our New Orleans maritime attorney is here to help. Our dedicated maritime lawyer, Brent Cueria will investigate your accident and what led to the incident to find who exactly was at fault. A company that operates negligently should be held accountable. Let us help you seek damages and make sure you and your family are able to fully recover from this trying time.