New Orleans Shipbreaking Accident Attorney

When a vessel has reached the end of its use, whether due to deterioration, costly repairs or the company’s need for more updated technology, maritime companies may choose to have it scrapped. Employing crews to handle the shipbreaking process, a vessel is regularly dismantled while still in the water. Shipbreaking is an intricate process that requires specialized expertise and therefore, needs to keep safety a priority.

Shipbreaking Accidents

The shipbreaking process is a dangerous occupation as it exposes workers to a lot of hazards on a daily basis. When taking apart the ship, employees may be exposed to environmental pollutants such as asbestos, hazardous chemicals, mercury and lead which can cause severe illness. Other risks shipbreaking crews face include ear damage due to the loud repetitive noises, fire hazards that may lead to a blaze or explosion, and other incidents that may result in a serious injury or can even be fatal.

A shipbreaking employee’s workplace is literally a vessel that is being torn apart around them. Slip and fall, falling object, electrocution and many other accidents can easily happen when a vessel is being dismantled. This is why it is important for maritime companies to have the right safety precautions in place. Shipbreaking workers that have been injured are covered under maritime law and a company that has been negligent should be held accountable.

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