Rideshare accident as a driver in Louisiana

Rideshare services have dramatically changed the way people travel since the introduction of Uber in 2011. The rapid growth of this industry and the sheer number of rideshare drivers on the road introduces new questions regarding safety and liability in the event of an accident. The New Orleans attorneys at Cueria Law Firm can answer your questions if you’ve been involved in an accident as a rideshare driver in Louisiana.

Help for Rideshare Drivers After an Accident

Rideshare drivers should be aware of what to do in the case of a crash, especially if the accident has resulted in an injury. If you have been involved in an automobile accident as a driver for Lyft or Uber, there are several necessary steps you must take to be sure that you are protecting yourself from financial responsibility.

It is critical that you contact an attorney right away to get the legal counsel you need to move forward in a way that suits your best interests.

The Louisiana personal injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have helped many rideshare drivers like yourself to understand their rights after an accident. If you were injured in the crash, you might be entitled to compensation for medical expenses. Our experienced attorneys can review your case to determine your eligibility and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Follow These Steps After a Rideshare Accident

Accidents that involve rideshare companies can be confusing due to the complicated and changing laws regarding liability and insurance. As a driver for one of these services, you should take the time to review the insurance policies of each company to be sure that you understand how and when you are covered if an incident occurs.

If you have been involved in an accident while driving for a rideshare service, follow the steps below to ensure that you protect yourself as well as the others involved.

Contact the Appropriate Authorities

Like with any auto accident, the first step is to contact the local authorities. Call the Louisiana police right away if an accident occurs. If there is an injury, let the police know so they can call the appropriate medical response team. The police officers on the scene will be able to prepare a report that may be useful in your claim.

Contact the Rideshare Company Through the App

After contacting the police, notify the rideshare companies of the incident through their apps. A member of their team will contact you as soon as possible to gather additional information if needed.

Interview Witnesses

It is imperative that drivers gather information from the other parties involved as well as any witnesses that may have pertinent information about the accident. Be sure to collect the contact information for all witnesses and involved parties.Your personal injury attorney may need to review their statements or ask additional questions in order to help your claim.

Take Photos of the Accident Scene

Drivers are encouraged to take many photos of the accident scene using their smartphones. Photos can be very useful in proving negligence or liability in an accident. Do not forget to timestamp each photo. Recommended photos include:

  • Close-ups of damage to the vehicles or other property
  • Wide-angles of the accident scene
  • Positioning of the vehicles involved
  • Any injuries sustained

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

After following the above steps, contact a personal injury attorney who has experience in auto accident cases involving ridesharing services. The Louisiana attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have worked on behalf of Lyft and Uber drivers in New Orleans to understand their rights after an accident and seek compensation for injuries.

Do you need assistance after an accident as an Uber or Lyft driver? Did the accident result in an injury? Contact our New Orleans personal injury attorneys who specialize in rideshare auto accidents today!