How Should I Prepare for Heavy Weather Boating on the Coast?

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One of the most unpredictable factors when working at sea is the weather. Dealing with all of the punishment Mother Nature can dish out can take a toll on a boat and its crew. According to Jones Act Maritime law, it’s the job of the boat owner to ensure their vessel is safe before going out to sea. When attempting heavy weather boating, the owners of the vessel and the crew will need to properly prepare.

Failing to make proper preparations for heavy weather boating can have catastrophic consequences. Read below to find out about what type of precautions will need to be taken when trying to operate a vessel during stormy seas.

Safety Harnesses are a Must When Heavy Weather Boating

Due to the constant swaying and violent jerking common with storms at sea, all employees on a boat have to wear safety harnesses on deck. Without these harnesses, it’s hard to keep the crew safe. If these harnesses are not provided and you sustain injuries on deck, then you will need to consult with a Jones Act lawyer to find out what type of compensation you are entitled to.

Jones Act Maritime law requires the owners of a boat to provide proper safety equipment for their employees. Neglecting to do this will make the owner of the boat responsible for any accidents occurring on deck during bad weather.

Proper Training

One of the best ways to ensure a crew is ready to deal with bad weather while at sea is by training them properly. The owner of a seafaring vessel should take safety training very seriously because of the accidents it can help to prevent. If you are properly trained, then you will be able to avoid injury during bad weather situations.

Preparing Rescue Equipment

Life rafts and preservers are important pieces of rescue equipment every boat should have. When a boat is compromised due to leaks, the crew will have to get off of the vessel via the rafts and preservers on board. Sustaining injuries due to a lack of rescue equipment will require you to contact a Jones Act lawyer for help. Unsafe work conditions that lead to you being injured are usually grounds for a lawsuit. The Jones Act attorney at Cueria Law Firm will help you build a case and get the money you are owed for your injuries.

Removing Hazards for the Boat’s Deck Before Heavy Weather Boating

If the equipment or cargo on a boat’s deck is not properly secured, then they may create a lot of danger for the crew when heavy weather boating. The rocking back and forth caused by a storm at sea can lead to the equipment and cargo on a boat moving around. This means you will be in danger of being hit by these items and sustaining injuries in the process.

Without proper preparation, you may find yourself with very serious injuries due to the dangers of working at sea. You can contact us to find out more about your rights as a seaman or maritime worker.

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