Without the trucking industry, it would be very hard for manufacturers to get their products transported across the country. While these trucks are essential to the American way of life, they also pose a big threat. When a semi-truck is involved in a collision with a car, it can cause a lot of damage. After an accident like this, you will need to contact an attorney in New Orleans to find out if you need to file a lawsuit against the truck driver and their company. Here are some of the laws that are designed to keep the roads safe from these types of wrecks.

Drivers Must Have a Commercial License

Not just anyone can jump behind the wheel of a semi-truck legally. Most states require the drivers of these trucks must obtain a commercial license. Generally, the process to get this kind of license is very in-depth and will require a person to find out all of the laws pertaining to the operation of semis in their state. If the truck driver who caused your wreck was not licensed, a New Orleans injury attorney may be able to get you compensation for your pain and suffering.

Rest For the Driver

A number of the truck accidents reported each year are caused by driver fatigue. A variety of states have very strict laws regarding how long a person can operate a semi-truck before having to rest. Usually, the states that have this law require a driver to keep a log of the time they operated their rig. If a driver lies in their log about how much they have driven, they can be fined. If the wreck you have been involved in was caused by driver fatigue, your best option is to contact New Orleans lawyers who have experience with these types of personal injury cases.

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