distracted driving in New Orleans

For the most part, a distraction while driving is avoidable. However, there are times when you cannot prevent a distraction from taking place or predict when you will become distracted when driving. As the driver, you must stay responsible and be engaged with your task. Avoid using your mobile phone, fiddling with the radio or be distracted by the passengers in your vehicle. To eliminate the risk of becoming a distracted driver and potentially getting into an accident, you need to learn the common distractions on the New Orleans roadways and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Distractions while Driving in New Orleans

  1. While driving, remain focused on the task at hand. Do not let your attention wane from the roadway. Scan ahead to be sure to know what is in front of you as well as check your mirrors regularly.
  2. Keep Loose Items Put Away. Be sure to place any loose items like your purse, wallet or mobile phone up before you begin to drive. If you leave these items loose in your front passenger seat and they fly into the floorboard when you stop suddenly, you may feel tempted to reach out and grab them which can lead to an accident.
  3. Prepare the Vehicle Before you Drive. Avoid adjusting your mirrors, seats or the radio station after you start driving. Take time to make these adjustments before you leave so you are not distracted.
  4. Avoid Grooming While Driving. Take extra time to wake up early before work or school so you can groom at home. Do not apply makeup, brush your hair or even shave while driving.
  5. Eat at home. Another biggie is eating in the car. Avoid making a mess by eating your breakfast, lunch or dinner outside of the vehicle. You can easily make a mess or have difficulty driving when you try to eat while on the road.
  6. Secure Kids in Safety Seats. Be sure to secure your child in their safety seat correctly before driving. Talk to your kids about staying buckled. If a child needs your immediate attention, pull over. Do not attempt to help your child from the front seat in any way.
  7. Avoid Electronic Distraction. Put your cell phone away and even avoid a hands-free option, unless in an emergency. You do not need to text, check email or use the internet while driving.
  8. Passenger Rules. Let your passengers know that you want to stay focused on driving. You can speak but do not engage in any activity that will leave you distracted.
  9. Pull Over if Needed. If something on the roadway or within the car warrants your undivided attention, then pull over. Stop the vehicle and do what is needed before driving any further.
  10. Something Goes Wrong. If anything goes wrong with your vehicle or problems arise inside the car, such as a spilled drink or a child gets out of their car seat, pull over. Do not attempt to make any moves until you are at a complete stop somewhere safe.

Being a focused driver helps to avoid distractions and in turn, lowers your risk of an accident. However, you cannot control others on the highway.

When involved in an accident associated with distracted driving, be sure to consult our experienced New Orleans car accident attorney to see if you have a negligence or personal injury case.